FenderBolt™ is the Matrix Wand’s Repair Analysis Software and online training platform.

FenderBolt provides Matrix Wand users with many key benefits, including: Mitchell Reference Data, Matrix Repair Analysis Software, ability to collect and store your own measuring data, Wand usage reports for shop owners, technical support (by phone or online) and I-CAR Certified online training courses to ensure Wand proficiency. Click on the button to access FenderBolt.

Repair Analysis Software

FenderBolt™ is a cloud-based measuring software which uses photogrammetry to output three-dimensional measurements.

By uploading static images of collision damage into the software, infinite measuring data points can be selected from that image. This allows infinite measuring across the entirety of the vehicle and includes measuring through solid objects.

The software, integrated with the Mitchell Reference Database, compares points to factory specifications, or can utilize comparative measuring to build its own data.

Can be used to identify:

Under hood, Side body, ADAS sensors, Suspension, Door hanging, Cradle, Knuckles, Struts, Sag, Sway, Mash, and more....

The Matrix Wand, powered by FenderBolt, provides collision repair professionals with the reliable and accurate measurements they depend on to repair vehicles back to safe, OEM standards.

FenderBolt is required to collect data from the Matrix Wand Hardware.

Online Training Platform

In an industry where employee turnover is a concern, FenderBolt’s I-CAR certified online training courses provide ease of training and retraining.

Matrix Wand users can easily access and complete online training modules during “non-production” times, keeping your shop moving forward. After completion of the training, users can earn 6 credit hours towards their I-CAR certification.

Non-Matrix Wand users can also register for online training and receive up to 1 credit hour by visiting and registering the promo code “MTX2020.”

The online training platform covers the following topics:

Wand System & Overview

Care and handling of the Wand and how to operate the tool.

Matrix Wand Applications

Learn about application errors, Mitchell Reference Data, selecting points, navigating applications, opening FenderBolt and how to start a project.

XYZ Comparative Measuring

Explore the different types of measurements that can be completed with the Matrix Wand.

Storing Assets

Learn how to store assets, specifically documentation and the reference library.

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