Collision Hub Webinar Series to Feature the Matrix Wand

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The Matrix Wand is pleased to be featured in an upcoming series of webinars being hosted by Collision Hub. The presentations, to be hosted throughout the month of April, will outline various aspects of measuring vehicles with the Matrix Wand during collision repair.

This series of webinars will feature Sergio Correa, Director of Technical Training & Support and Avery Hodge, Sales Coordinator, of the Matrix Wand. Topics to be highlighted in these webinars include:

·       Documenting ADAS & Suspension Damages & Misalignments – 2pm CST, April 2, 2020

·       Diagnosing & Documenting Structural Repairability – 2pm CST, April 17, 2020 (Featuring Roger Cada of Accountable Estimating)

·       Determining When to Measure & Why – 2pm CST, April 27, 2020

With trade shows and networking events being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Collision Hub will be hosting daily webinars with professionals from various aspects of the collision repair industry, providing opportunities to connect and train virtually when in-person gatherings are not possible. To register for webinar updates, visit:

The Matrix Wand is a hand-held 3D electronic blueprinting and repair measuring device that uses a simple, straight forward process to assist collision professionals, automotive manufacturers and insurance providers in repairing vehicles to ensure the safety and functionality is restored as the OE intended following a collision. 

Using 3D imagery and specialized computer software to assess structural collision damages versus factory repair data and specifications, estimators and repair technicians can use the images to measure and correct sway, sag and mash using infinite data points. TheWand’s purpose is to identify hidden damages and, in turn, improve estimation accuracy.

About Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc.

Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc. was founded in 2003 in Salina, Kansas, USA. Its flagship product, the Matrix Wand, was introduced to market at the 2012 SEMA Show, where it won the prestigious NewProducts Showcase Award. Today, the Matrix Wand holds fourU.S. and foreign patents.

About Collision Hub

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