Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc. Appoints Steve Lyon as Vice President of OE Relations

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Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc., inventors of the Matrix Wand 3D Measuring System, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Lyon as Vice President of OE Relations. In this role, Steve will manage relationships with Matrix’s current network of equipment sales representatives, and will actively seek new opportunities to extend the Matrix sales network.  

Prior to Matrix, Steve enjoyed a 37 year career with Snap-On Tools before his retirement in 2017. Though he held many positions in his time at Snap-On, most recently, Steve served as OEM Account Manager for American Honda for the past 11 years.

Steve began his work with Matrix in November 2017 as a sales and marketing consultant. As a result of relationships made throughout his career, Steve was able to get Matrix’s flagship product, the Matrix Wand, certified by Snap-On Tools and by American Honda.

“I feel that the Snap-On and American Honda examples are telling of my excitement for the Matrix Wand and how I can contribute to this organization,” Steve explained. “In my new role, I am responsible for making the product known among other OEMs throughout the US – and across all major car brands. I feel that relationships made in my past experiences will assist greatly in this effort.”

He continued: 

“I firmly believe in the Matrix Wand and the benefits it offers to the collision repair industry. It is an extremely unique product that no one else has the technology or ability to replicate, and I look forward to the challenge of building its brand recognition. At Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc., we continue to grow on our successes and work alongside others to cultivate the industry’s trust. I’m happy to be a part of the team.”

Contact Steve Lyon: 

Tel: (785) 823-8800

About Matrix

Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc. was founded in 2003 in Salina, Kansas, USA. Its flagship product, the Matrix Wand, was introduced to market at the 2012 SEMA Show, where it won the prestigious New Products Showcase Award. Today, the Matrix Wand holds 6 U.S. and 21 foreign patents.

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