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Avoid Frustrating Trial & Error

Vehicle Information:

328i BMW Convertible


The vehicle in question is a 328i BMW Convertible, hit in the left rear above the bumper, in which the control mechanism for the retractable hard top may have been compromised. BMW incorporates torque sensors in their system to protect against damage. With this in mind, the repairs must be exact for proper function.

Using the Matrix Wand, we were able to quickly map an undamaged vehicle and save the results to the stereoscopic database. In the example above, you see the data vehicle on the right and the damaged vehicle on the left. It’s important to remember that anything you can see in the two images, you can measure. The XYZ data determined that the rear body panel was in and up with very little sway. The control mechanism for the retractable hard top was not damaged and will return to proper position by re-positioning the rear body panel. Using the Wand's Infinite Stereoscopic Data feature saved many hours of frustrating trial and error.

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