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Build Tolerance

Vehicle Information:

Kia Optima


Suppose you are measuring a Kia Optima and the left fender has been removed. Just for fun you decide to measure the fender bolt on the right side Red Pt. 5 Then compare it to the empty fender bolt position on the left side Green Pt. 6.

Looking at the measurements in row 6 (the green row) you can see that the Mash (or Length) measures 0 mm of difference. The Sway (or Width) also measures 0 mm of difference. Since the fender and bolt are missing you would expect the Sag (or height) to be lower. The missing fender and bolt where 7 mm in height ... so the -7 mm was exactly correct. Build tolerances are getting extremely accurate for all manufacturers. Check out Ford Fusion for another example.

Also look at Row 9 there is -7 mm Mash and 5 mm Sag, this damage was not seen!

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