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Can You Measure Inside the Car?

Vehicle Information:



This SUV was hit in the right rear quarter panel above the wheelhouse, for the most part a typical accident. The question came up, "How could we measure the strut towers at the interior rear section?" The Wand is handheld and portable, not requiring any particular datum position, so we simply open the hatch and image the vehicle. By using the two undamaged points at the interior cross member as reference points, combined with the opposite side strut tower, we have a complete XYZ reference. In less than 10 minutes we are able to measure the damaged strut tower finding 1mm Mash, -5mm Sway, and 1mm Sag.

It's possible that the vehicle might have aligned with the -5mm Sway, which would cause some negative camber. However, it would probably be on the edge of the camber tolerance, just waiting for an encounter with a pothole to push it over the edge.

While 5mm may not be much in the way of damage, in the wrong place, it can make a serious difference. Rather than waiting for the final alignment to tell you that the vehicle has boarder line negative camber, and it's fully assembled needing to be delivered, investing 10 minutes in measuring sounds like a better idea.

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