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Certify Used Parts with the Wand

Vehicle Information:



Used parts, especially used doors, add another level of complexity to the repair process. If a door or rear hatch does not fit, is it the part or the body repair that's causing the problem? In this example we learned that the donor door came off a vehicle that was hit in the rear quarter panel, but missed the donor door. When the quarter panel is hit, the donor door twists because it is attached at the striker latch. Even a small amount of twist in a door can drive you crazy.

Using the Wand and Opposite-Side Comparative you can clearly see the upper rear corner (Blue point 2) of the door is twisted inward 12mm. This damage is very difficult to determine by visual inspection, or other methods of measuring. The door twist can easily be mistaken for damage at the "B" pillar, bad hinges, or damage at the "C" pillar. Throw the twisted door into the equation and "Drive you Crazy" becomes more of a reality than just a metaphor.

The Wand is the only measuring device that superimposes the dimensions directly onto the object being measured. There simply is no way to deny the fact that the door is twisted. Let’s take the mystery out of the repair and Measure Used Doors and Rear Gates (Up Front).

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