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Control Arm & Cradle

Vehicle Information:

2013 Mercedes-Benz C250


This 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 was in the shop after having been repaired elsewhere. After repair, the customer complained multiple times that the vehicle wasn't handling properly, despite the shop having a printout from the alignment shop showing that everything was in spec. The structural tech reviewed the original damage appraisal and diagnosed damage to the left front strut tower. The estimator disagreed and asked the shop's blueprint technician to analyze the vehicle with the Matrix Wand.

Using the new Matrix Active Map 3D feature the blueprinting technician was able to diagnose that the strut tower was not damaged in any way. Further there was no movement on the front structure of any kind. Once this information was produced, everyone involved knew that the problem was located somewhere other than the front structure of the vehicle.

In slightly less than 10 minutes, the front upper structure of the vehicle was eliminated as the cause of the drivability problem. Further analysis revealed a damaged left lower control arm and cradle misalignment (possibly by the alignment shop in an attempt to compensate for the bent control arm).

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