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Determining Lower Rail Damage

Vehicle Information:

Mercedes Benz CLK300


The vehicle above is a Mercedes Benz CLK300. We were asked if the Wand could determine if the lower rails were damaged, without taking the time to put the vehicle on a frame machine. Fortunately, the Wand never requires the vehicle to be placed at a certain datum position. With the vehicle on the floor, the Wand was used to image and measure it for possible damage. Even though the reinforcement is obviously damaged, the lower rails were measured at 1mm for Mash, Sway, and Sag. (The green point #8) The upper tie bar of the core support had significant damage and was slated for replacement.

The intersecting corner of the core support and left apron shows -5mm Sway (the red point #4). This will also need to be addressed if the 3mm hood fender gap is to be correct. With this measuring information, the shop knows exactly how to repair the structure.

An interesting comment was made by the regional insurance adjuster, "With these Wand measurements I would not need to be here, and I won't need to reinspect the vehicle." He mentioned the cost of each trip was valued at $350.00. We asked how many in-shop inspections he currently makes, he said far too many.

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