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What's the Problem?

Vehicle Information:



Note that points: 1 to 4 1799mm and that points: 2 to 3 1797mm are essentially equal, there is no diamond condition.

Drive ability issues can have many causes, and of course your repairs are always the problem. The complaint was the truck pulling to the right. In these kinds of cases "Documentation" is our only hope to solve the problem and keep the situation from escalating out of control.

Step 1 was to check the frame and fully document the results. As you can see (above and below) with the Wand we captured Stereoscopic Images of the customer's vehicle and the measurements where automatically superimposed on the customer’s actual vehicle.

Next we measured the location of the lower balljoints from 3 different

All measurements are well with-in factory tolerances. There simply is no frame damage. The true drivability issues came from ultra large wheels and worn-out, off-road tires. The vehicle is fine; the customer needs to buy some new tires. Stereoscopic full color documentation, featuring the customer’s vehicle, satisfied the customer and de-fused the situation.

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