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Finding Hidden Damage

Vehicle Information:

2010 Ford Mustang


Hidden damage in the unibody structure is just that ... hidden. If we are going to find the hidden damage (up front) then some tear down and repair planning is unavoidable. We don't have the time to put every vehicle on a frame machine, to find datum, just so we can measure. A tram gauge is good for length and width, but what about height? The whole idea is to create a document that shows the damage in XYZ data points. Tram gauges don't have a print function.

The above 2010 Ford Mustang was selected from a group of vehicles at a host body shop for a measuring demonstration seminar. There were about 30 individuals at the seminar and everyone pretty much agreed that the vehicle did not show indications of structural damage, which included me, the presenter.

When you look at points 5 and 7, you'll find 8 and 19mm of sway, along with -8 mm of sag in the rail. Once again, we realize why we measure for damage upfront, and lock in the correct times. The Wand is handheld, measures in any position, takes only a few minutes, and your cycle times will love it.

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