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Matrix Wand Proves Need for Bumper Cover Replacement

Vehicle Information:

2017 Nissan Murano


In this case, the Matrix Wand was used to prove to an insurance company that the bumper cover on a damaged 2017 Nissan Murano needed to be replaced rather than repaired. 

Measurements were completed on the outer structural body points to the Blind Spot Warning (BSW) sensor. Then on the same side, with the bumper cover on, measurements were taken of the outer structural body points to marks on the outside of the bumper cover where BSW is located. 

These two measurements were compared and showed to be within a couple inches from each other, proving that the damage on the bumper cover was “in the general area of the side radars” warranting that the damaged bumper cover should be replaced with a new OEM bumper cover. 

The Matrix Wand provided the proof to justify the replacement bumper cover per a position statement on Blind Spot Warning Precautions by the OEM. 

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