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Hit-and-Run Measurements

Vehicle Information:

2017 Chevrolet Malibu


This vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run while parked overnight. The vehicle was struck on the driver’s side front fender. While the cosmetic damage was visible, the vehicle was measured to determine if there was any hidden structural damage.

Because of the impact area, an under hood XYZ comparative and a 3D active map (Mitchell comparative) measurement were performed of the under hood inner structure and strut tower.

A wheelbase measurement was taken because the wheel was impacted in the collision.

The measurements completed with the Matrix Wand showed there was no structural or suspension damage to the vehicle. All of the under hood measurements are within manufacturer specifications. In this case, the customer can be reassured that the integrity of the vehicle’s structure remains intact and that all damage is cosmetic.

Within a matter of minutes, simple diagnostic measurements can be performed to identify hidden damage, to:

  • Ensure accurate estimates the first time to reduce supplements, while increasing efficiency and profitability throughout the repair process.
  • Blueprint the work to be completed and the parts required.
  • Verify the repair by comparing points to the Mitchell Reference Database, which is integrated into the FenderBolt™ Software.
  • Provide documentation to insurance companies and customers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce liability.

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