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Negative Caster

Vehicle Information:



With the Matrix Wand you can quickly, easily and accurately measure and diagnose complex suspension problems, we call this "Predictive Wheel Alignment." In this example, the vehicle has 1-1/2 degrees of Negative Caster. Using the Wand we imaged the lower body and measured the position of the ball joint in its forward position, and side to side.

When you compare the Side to Side distances (red and green) they are essentially equal at (915mm). These measurements show the outward distance at the ball joint is symmetrical.

However, as you can see by comparing the blue diagonal measurement (1222mm) to the orange diagonal measurement (1234mm), the difference shows the ball joint 12mm back.

Next we quickly found that the front trailing arm was back due to structural unibody damage, while the trailing arm itself was undamaged. A simple structural repair solved the entire problem without guessing and chasing parts.

It's not enough to know the wheel is back, we need to know why so the problem can be fixed the first try. Or better yet, let's do up front discovery and avoid the failed alignment all together.

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