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Predictive Alignment

Vehicle Information:

2006 Toyota Avalon


In this example we have a 2006 Toyota Avalon that's been hit directly in the driver's front wheel. You can see that the wheel was laid in far enough that the tire has rubbed the paint off of the strut. If you saw the wheel on you would have seen about 20 degrees of negative camber. The fact that the strut is severely damaged is obvious to everyone. The real question is whether the knuckle is also damaged. Visual inspection easily says there is a high probability of damage to the knuckle. However, experience says that Toyota Avalon steering knuckles are very strong. The only true way to answer the question is to measure. The top left image is the damaged side measuring from the spindle to the knuckle mount. The result is 237mm. As you can see the undamaged side measures exactly the same. Nobody wants to a wait an alignment to answer this question. It could be that 9 out 10 people would call the knuckle damaged, but they and I would be wrong. The Wand found "THE" damage not more or less damage.

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