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Suspension & Alignment Damage

Vehicle Information:

2005 BMW 645Ci Convertible


This 2005 BMW 645Ci Convertible was driven over something causing under body damage and suspension and alignment damage. Look closely at the red box toward the left side of the image. You will see a white cursor arrow pointing to the broken lower control arm. As you might imagine everyone wanted to know if the engine and suspension cradle was damaged in the accident.

The vehicle was already on a twin post lift, so we positioned the Wand and imaged the lower body. We then selected the corners of the cradle and the lower control arm mounting points to measure. The point to point measurements were within + - 1mm. Next we located our 3-D measuring points and checked things out in XYZ, to be extra sure there was no damage.

As you can see measuring point number 3 shows Length as -2mm, Width as - 1mm and Height as -1mm. Remember the Wand does not find more damage, or less damage, it finds "The" damage.

The vehicle's owner was very impressed with the Wand. Technology, = "Confidence."

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